About Us



Zagara Ristorante Wine Bar was born from an idea of two brothers. They were dreaming one day, to open a place where they could share the Italian family tradition of food and wine. That dream came true and Zagara was born.

Urban, sophisticated and lively, Zagara Chelsea is energetic and chic. Zagara is the Restaurant and wine bar where friends come together to enjoy the warm Mediterranean atmosphere. Welcoming ambiance meets fresh, local harvest produce and exquisite, hand-crafted wines within our elegant interior. It is a landing place after a busy day, an alluring location for a business lunch or dinner, a romantic setting for a date night or a festive location for a group party. No matter the occasion, you are always welcome at Zagara. Here, you will experience the “modern Mediterranean”, both in culinary expertise as well as authentic hospitality. Our aim is to transport you into our exotic culture.

Located in the heart of Chelsea, in the city that never sleeps, Zagara is the perfect place to explore our genuine, organic, healthy food and the country of wines, Italy.

Zagara Wine Bar offers Italian and International wines developed from the Maitre d’ Domenico Narducci, traveling for many years in different countries, he has developed a vast knowledge of the artisanal production of a wide variety of grapes.

The Executive chef Giuseppe Mazzeo comes from a decades-worth experience in the NY restaurant industry where he brought traditional Italian cuisine to the table of well-known Italian restaurants. His dishes represent the culmination and height of flavors, taste and presentation in a Mediterranean ambiance. Chef Giuseppe says: “My passion and love for cooking is what you taste and experience in my dishes.”