Famous Food Items At Famous Restaurant Chains In The Country!

Who doesn’t like a bite at your favorite restaurant, especially if it is for a relaxed meal?

Well, everyone of us may have different choices of cuisines and restaurants to choose from, but invariably all of us love to eat delicious and different varieties of food and that is why so many restaurants are flourishing today!

Well, in our experience, we have gathered so much information about foods and which ones you need to try and where?

Let’s get started here!


Wendy’s has been the third largest and popular fast food restaurant in the country and their burgers are brilliant. I am sure you have tasted their Baconator, haven’t you?

If you haven’t, just do it now!

Also, Dave’s double is as good as the former.

For Wendys breakfast hours, click here.

Red Lobster:

If you are a lover of Seafood, look no further than Red Lobster. They are specialists in Sea food and their Lobsters are damn good! However, if you want one thing to never miss at Red Lobsters, it is their Ultimate Feast, a platter with all varieties on one plate.

Olive Garden: 

If you love Italian cuisine, go for Olive Garden without any hesitation. All the standard Italian cuisines like Pastas and Zucchinis are good, but try their Chicken Piadina and the Alfredos, you will never want anything else after that!

Golden Corral: 

Golden Corral is a Buffet chain of restaurants that you will never regret going to. They offer a variety of meals including Breakfast and lunch, burgers and sandwiches, but it is their Blue Plate Tie that you will always come back for.


Zaxby’s sauces are a thing of their own, with followers loving the whole chain for their sauces alone. But, when it comes to actual meals, there are quite a few like their Nibbler sandwiches and their Signature sandwiches. 

For more on Zaxby’s hours, click here.

Carl’s Jr:

Yet another burger joint but with a Star twist. Yes, their All Star with Cheese is as good as any other burgers in the world.

Outback Steakhouse:

If you are up for a steak, why go elsewhere when you can go to authentic steakhouse restaurants like Outback. And when you taste their Center Cut Sirloin, you will feel good that you have chosen them for your lunch.

Panera Bread:

Soups are always cool (well they are hot, but cool to drink) and Panera’s Broccoli Cheddar Soup is up there with the best. A nice recipe with broccoli and carrot indulged in cheese sauce to give you that heavenly taste.


If it’s the Hamburgers that you want to taste, don’t go elsewhere other than In-N-Out. The Double Double burger will tease you to come back every time you want to have a burger.